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CBD Laws In The UK

As a relatively new phenomenon, cannabidiol is subject to changing laws and public perception. Whilst vaping and heated tobacco like the IQOS Heets Sienna have their own set of regulations under the TPRD laws of 2016, cannabidiol, which was only formally legalised in 2020, is still going through changes in the way it is regulated. From Vype CBD to CBD edibles, there are many forms of cannabidiol now on the market, and this means that there are different laws that surround them. Below is an outline of how each type of cannabidiol product is governed or restricted under UK law, and how the face of legal cannabis manufacturing has changed in recent years.  Can I grow Cannabis In The UK?  Unfortunately, it’s illegal to grow both hemp and cannabis plants at home, but if you take the necessary steps, you could gain an industrial license to grow and produce CBD products. Cannabidiol producing plants are extremely hard to gain a commercial licence for, but it isn’t impossible. First off, potential growers must be DBS checked and pay an application fee of almost £600. After this, there are a variety of rules that must be adhered to, including the location of the crop facility, which must be away from schools, hospitals and areas of public access. Furthermore, all seeds used must be EU approved and not produce THC leaning strains of cannabis, which are prohibited in the UK. You must also provide detailed information into the area and hectarage of your crop base to the Home Office before a license is even considered for approval.  Age Restrictions All CBD products are restricted to those who are over 18’s. Whilst CBD products are free for use for recreation and health, they are still mood-enhancing and come from a plant that is prohibited […]
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What Makes CBD So Popular?

CBD has seen a large resurgence in the last few years. Since it’s legalisation in 2018, the wellness and vape market has seen a huge influx of unique cannabidiol products. From your local pharmacy to vape shops in Blackfriars station, CBD is readily available to over 18s’ in both recreational and prescription form. But what makes CBD products such as CBD Heets for the IQOS stand out amongst other vaping and recreational products? Whilst its use in prescription medication has been widely researched and powerful in the fight against rare forms of epilepsy and cancer symptom relief, those using it recreationally are choosing between that and nicotine and allowing the herby taste to be added to the likes of coffee and even foodstuffs. Below is everything you need to know about what makes CBD so popular, and how you can benefit from its emergence as a leading product in sleep aid and better mental health. What Is Cannabidiol? Cannabidiol is a chemical stemming from the cannabis plant, one that doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of its counterpart THC but instead harnesses anxiety and pain-relieving qualities that can be helpful in the treatment of chronic physical illnesses and mental illnesses.  How It Differs From THC Whilst both are a form of terpene, cannabidiol is less dangerous than THC in that it doesn’t evoke the “high” of it’s prohibited cousin chemical. There’s a lot fo stigma around CBD due to its association with THC, but the reality is that it has long been used in many medications. It’s only recently that it’s hit the mainstream and become popular in other recreational products.  Sleep Aid One of the most prominent uses of cannabidiol in casual medication and supplements is as a sleep aid. Due to its relaxing qualities, CBD can be used as […]
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How To Store Your CBD Properly And Safely

CBD comes in many different shapes and sizes. From vape juice to CBD flowers UK, the hemp-based non-hallucinogenic herb has become ever more popular in part because of its adaptability to different needs. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis or want to encourage a healthy sleeping pattern, CBD has slowly pulled the spotlight for many people’s health and wellness problems.  With this has come a great many modes of use, including supplements, oils and tinctures, all of which come with their own methods of use and instructions for storage. Whilst CBD has a long shelf life, it is still the user’s responsibility to keep it safe and in as good a condition as possible. This blog will outline the different types of CBD and the ways you can store it so as to retain its quality and effectiveness.  CBD Loose Leaf CBD loose leaf and flowers are organic matter, and so the materials should be treated as you would plants and flowers. Whilst CBD extracts are usually frozen and dried out after being picked from the cannabis plant, it won’t retain its potency forever. After about a year, the potency of the cannabidiol will have lost about 16 percent of its potency. Make sure to keep your loose leaf in an airtight container and at around room temperature. CBD Tinctures CBD tinctures are a nuanced balance of oils and cannabis extracts and must be treated with care. Make sure to keep your tinctures cool, dark and sealed. Unlike CBD flowers, you can keep tinctures in the fridge to seal in their nutrients and might find that its quality will even be improved by colder temperatures. CBD Supplements Whether in pill form or capsule form, keep your supplements away from moisture and water. Store your supplements in a cool, dark place and […]
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Where Can I Buy CBD?

CBD has become one of the most popular natural remedies available in the UK. Thanks in part to its versatility and in part to its subtle effects, users enjoy the benefits of CBD for a range of ailments and recreational reasons. With its non-hallucinogenic effects and legal status in the UK, CBD can be found in many different varieties and sold by even more retailers. From online stores such as CBD Vape 4 U to local high street supermarkets, it’s hard not to come across the calming cannabinoid on a daily shopping trip. So where can one find cannabidiol in the UK, and what forms is it available in? Below we outline just a few of the retailers that have cottoned on to the popularity of CBD. Many have adapted it to the wares and food they sell, whilst others have focused on finding the most direct method of application. From CBD vape juice UK to prescription medication, here are the main ways that retailers utilise the ever adaptable CBD.  Vape Stores Whilst shops that sell vape liquids predominantly focus on your standard nicotine variety, you’ll also be able to find CBD e-liquids at some retailers. Vape shops can be found on almost every high street. Capitalising on the smoking cessation trend that has seen many people swap tobacco for a healthier alternative. CBD e-liquids can be bought just as readily as normal vape liquids, with the standard age restrictions being strictly regulated. These shops may also sell dry herb vaporisers such as the PAX 2 ad 3, which give users the ability to safely enjoy organic CBD straight from the cannabis plant. However, you usually won’t find loose leaf CBD sold at vape shops. Online Retailers Online retailers provide an easy way to buy individual CBD vape products and […]
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What Are Your Options For Vaping CBD?

In 2018, cannabidiol was legalised for both recreational and medical use in the UK. From medical research to heat not burn products, CBD led to massive changes in the vaping industry and has seen a whole host of other creative applications. You can walk down any high street nowadays and find CBD coffees and vape shops selling CBD e-liquids side by side with IQOS AC power adapters.  The changes have been tremendous, especially in the vaping industry, where e-liquid companies have started to explore the possibilities of CBD infused products. From flavoured variants to original hemp flavours, there’s a lot to enjoy for the everyday vaper as well.  The question is, which method of CBD vaping is right for you? This blog will explore the various technical choices, flavour ranges and devices that those who want to enjoy heat not burn CBD can try, and which option might hit your sweet spot. CBD As An E-Liquid CBD e-liquids are comprised of the same ingredients as normal e-liquids, just with a lack of nicotine and the addition of cannabidiol. These e-liquids are packaged in much the same way as smoking cessation e-liquids and usually contain a 50/50 PG/VG balance of base compounds.  Flavours Many vape liquids containing CBD focus less on the more creative flavours of nicotine e-liquids, and more on authentic hemp flavours. These might include a hint of lemon or zesty orange, alongside full on hemp flavour vape liquids.  Concentrations Vape liquids containing CBD need to have a choice of concentrations. CBD e-liquids usually contain somewhere between 100 mg and 1500 mg, sometimes even going higher than that. The choice you make for concentration strength should be up to you. Try and test a few types before settling, your tolerance to CBD will vary from other people.  Devices You […]
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Weighty matter: can CBD really help to fight the flab

It’s getting worse all the time, sadly, and show no signs of abating – the UK weight problem is serious, whichever way you look at it (official figures suggest now nearly two-thirds of all UK adults are overweight or obese). A worrying fact, to say the least. However, it’s not like there’s nothing we, as individuals, can do. If we feel or know we’re overweight, we can try adjusting our lifestyles and habits to a sensible combination of exercise, improved diet and other things – such as vaping e-liquid with cannabidiol (CBD). Yes, that’s right, CBD vape juice UK… CBD’s role in weight loss So, why is this? Well, the human body contains what’s referred to as the endocannabinoid system, which enables specific chemicals our bodies’ produce (called cannabinoid receptors) to play important roles in physiological processes like appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. The trouble is, though, some experts suspect that, when these receptors are activated, weight gain becomes likelier. How does CBD help? Well, it’s believed CBD doesn’t directly inhibit the receptors, but can influence the body’s endocannabinoid chemicals to influence the receptors in such a way that it may reduce or remove the potential for weight gain. In doing so, CBD may, too, help prevent metabolic disorders (some of which, left unchecked, could lead to the likes of diabetes). CBD and appetite suppression CBD can’t be capable of lowering your appetite, can it? Surely not when you consider cannabis leads to ‘the munchies’? Wrong. The flawed logic here is to assume that the psychoactive chemical that’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which doesn’t just give you a high but also makes you hungry, is a significant ingredient in, and so has a significant effect on, CBD products; it doesn’t – because legally purchasable CBD products comprise an extremely limited amount of THC, […]
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Breaking Down The Benefits Of CBD Applications

CBD is one of the most revolutionary over the counter treatments available today. Both prescribed and recreationally used, this form of cannabidiol is best known for its anti-anxiety uses and symptom relief for aches and strains. It’s a versatile terpene, and completely legal in the UK due to its counteractive effects to its illegal sibling terpene, THC.  With this amazing cannabis derivative now seeping into mainstream use, it’s unsurprising that it has been cultivated into a variety of different forms. Each has its own unique attributes and setbacks, meaning that it’s worth getting to know them so you can benefit from CBD’s properties in a way that’s right for you. Below is a breakdown of the main CBD forms, and the ways in which they differ.
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Should You Vape CBD if You’re Not A Vaper?

Vaping is one of the most popular forms of smoking cessation out there. With countless flavours, devices and accessories to explore, the wide world of vaping has helped many smokers kick the habit for good. Satisfying, in part due to its similarities to smoking, vaping has far surpassed other tools such as nicotine gum and patches and has led to millions of vapers across the UK. Its success has led to other industries utilising the vaping method for its products. CBD is a burgeoning new industry in the UK that has only become legal relatively recently. CBD has many methods of use, but vaping has become one of the most popular. The problem is, the uses for CBD often extend past the vaping community, and so those who are prescribed or casually benefit from cannabidiol’s anti-anxiety and symptom relief qualities might begin vaping it. The question is, are there other equally effective methods of ingesting CBD, and is vaping it a danger to those who weren’t using e-cigs beforehand?
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What’s Right For Me – Nicotine Or CBD?

Vaping has become the most popular form of smoking cessation, but over the years it’s evolved and surpassed this label into a new creature entirely. Thanks in part to the incredible mix of new technology and the cultivation of unique vape liquid flavours, there are now many uses for vape liquid that was once out of our reach. One of these is in its fusion with cannabidiol, the cannabis derivative that’s now legal for over 18’s in the UK.
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